How do Mutations work in Fallout 76?

Ever since Bethesda announced the release of Fallout 76, questions about what the game will really be like have been flooding the internet. Especially since Fallout 76 will be multiplayer and is expected to be very different from the Fallout games we are used to. One of the most exciting new features is the addition of player mutations.

The Return of traits

Although traits existed in earlier Fallout games, allowing the player to become mutated was never a possibility until Fallout 76. In Fallout 76, the more irradiated you become, the more chance you have of getting mutated. These mutations cause you to develop abilities similar to traits that can have both pros and cons. In previous Fallout games, radiation was more of a negative feature that needed to be addressed or you wouldn’t be able to fully regenerate all of your health back.

Now, instead of a nuisance, radiation makes you develop awesome mutant powers at random. According to the recent NoClip documentary, a lot of these mutations will even be cosmetic, leaving the mind open to run wild with what you might morph into.

What will you mutate into in Fallout 76?

There is a lot of speculation that we might mutate into ghouls, previously seen in the Fallout series. Or, we might even become like Dr. Grey’s super mutants from earlier Fallout games, developing features like superhuman strength, green/yellow skin, a large muscular appearance, immunity to radiation and diseases, and endurance.

Fallout may also take a completely new direction and add new features, take stats from older useful traits, and create something new and cosmetically freaky. Fallout 76 might include mutations that give you more strength but subtract intelligence, which would turn you into a large, muscled tank. We may even see the return of a mutation that allows you to heal when exposed to radiation, making you glow in a radioactive green color. This previously showed up as a trait and would cause you to affect other nearby players with radiation if you had it.

We already know that the mutants in-game will be based off of West Virginia lore, so perhaps your own mutations might also resemble Mothman, or the Beast of Grafton. To find out more about all of the monsters that will be featured in Fallout 76 as well as their lore, you can read the article we wrote about it [here].

In Fallout 76, the more irradiated you become, the more chance you have of getting mutated.
In Fallout 76, the more irradiated you become, the more chance you have of getting mutated.

Curing or keeping a mutation

The best part about these mutations is that if you end up loving the mutation, there are ways of locking it in and keeping it permanently. On the other hand, if you end up not liking the pros and cons of the mutation you developed, there are always ways of curing it.

With all of the new information released about what to expect in Fallout 76, it can be hard not to imagine what mutations will actually be like. What do you think? Will the mutations give us cat eyes that enhance our abilities at night? Turn us into large muscled tanks? Cause us to emit radiation ourselves? What would you want to see in the game? Leave a comment below and share your ideas!

Fallout 76, along with the Power Armor Collector's Edition will be released on November 14th 2018 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC!